2022 Toyota Aygo X Review

The 2022 Toyota Aygo X may look brand new and yet be a bit familiar. However, what you’re looking at here isn’t just a makeover that’s a redesign of Toyota’s urban car with an SUV-style body kit.

2022 Toyota Aygo X price and release date

The brand new Toyota Aygo X is expected to be available for sale in early 2022. Although prices haven’t been revealed yet, they will likely be a bit higher than the present Aygo. It’s likely to cost around $15,000, an ideal option.

What’s the interior looks in 2022 Toyota Aygo X?

The interior is a mixture of various styles and trims colors. It’s vibrant, colorful, and stands out from other vehicles.

The materials tend to be harder; however, they feel great quality. There’s also the option of an X-Touch touchscreen Bluetooth-connected infotainment, and air conditioning is an option on all vehicles.

What's the interior looks in 2022 Toyota Aygo X?

It’s quite spacious for a car that’s a city one; however, access to the rear seats for the three-door model could be a challenge, and taller people might feel squeezed.

An important update in 2022 provided an increased capacity for the boot. But it was a minor increase to bring the size upwards to 168 cubic liters, which is sufficient for a handful of small bags. But, you can fold the rear seats down if you have to accommodate a larger item.

2022 Toyota Aygo X Concept
Aygo X Concept

What’s the Exterior looks in 2022 Toyota Aygo X?

In the world of motor vehicles, there are many different views. For instance, take city cars—two of the largest industry players including Stellantis and the Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen Group and Stellantis claim that the market is dead.

However, Toyota, the world’s largest automobile maker, isn’t so sure, which is why they’ve launched this vehicle, the Aygo X. It’s named “Aygo Cross” by the way, similar to its cousin, the Yaris Cross, Toyota’s smallest SUV, with the letter “X” indicating that the Aygo is complete ‘crossover. It seems that this is the Japanese maker’s way of justification for the continued existence of this model.

What's the Exterior looks in 2022 Toyota Aygo X?

In its earlier two versions, the model was manufactured as an integral part of the joint venture Stellantis companies Peugeot and Citroen, which produced models 108 and C1 that were produced in conjunction with the Aygo in a jointly-owned Czech factory.

Following the discontinuation of production for 108 and C1, Toyota decided to take complete control of the factory and then redesign the Aygo to adopt a smaller model of Yaris Supermini’s TNGA platform before the beginning of production of the Aygo with X models at their Czech plant in conjunction with that of the Yaris Cross. You’re now up-to-date.

What’s 2022 Toyota Aygo X like to drive?

The 2022 Toyota Aygo X comes with only one engine, the 72hp three-cylinder 1.0-liter gasoline unit. This is the same engine employed in the original Aygo model and has been around for some time until now. Customers can pair the unit with a manual five-speed gearbox or CVT automated.

It’s not surprising that with only 72 horsepower, the Aygo X isn’t the fastest car. In city traffic, it holds its own. The engine’s response is powerful enough to make it agile and responsive.

However, driving at 70mph on motorways could be a little nervy as the engine quickly loses puff. A 0-62mph acceleration time of 14.8 seconds will indicate that you will not be winning any drag race.

Due to the engine’s low power output, the manual is exhausting. It would help if you were very active working on the gears, lowering down to take overtakes and inclines more frequently than something with more power.

What's 2022 Toyota Aygo X like to drive?

The clutch’s bite point is quite high, and you are often constantly revving up at traffic lights. Its CVT is a more pleasant experience, particularly in town, but, as with most CVTs, it is prone to becoming scuffed when you accelerate it hard. It is pricier as well.

We were highly impressed by how this Aygo X works on bumpy terrain, and we were worried that the extra height could have caused it wobbling when it came across an incline. However, the damping is precise, and it’s an easy and smooth ride in all conditions.

With its height, The Aygo X is the best before in the city. The driver’s seat is elevated by 55mm than the older Aygo and can therefore have a better view of the road and the surroundings. Toyota has also made the A-pillar more upright and further improved its visibility.

Toyota Aygo X

How Design and Build 2022 Toyota Aygo X?

The Aygo X is heavily based on the concept car Toyota showed in the early 2021s that included many crossover features used in this model. The most significant thing is that this model is a smaller version of Toyota’s more modern TNGA platform borrowed from Yaris.

It’s not exactly a skinny car; however, its adoption has seen a surge in sales of the Aygo model on the market. This Aygo X measures 235mm longer than its predecessor, and it’s 125mm wider and 50mm higher.

A thick cladding for the wheel arch highlights the SUV’s appearance along with an 11mm rise in the height of the ride as well as a prominent front skid plate, as well as a color-contrasted wheels arch surrounds. You can choose the roll-top roof in fabric too.

Inside, you’ll notice the increase in size due to it now having 20mm of room between the front and rear seats and 45mm more shoulder space for front passengers. The dashboard is more contemporary than it was before, with the addition of a 9.0-inch central infotainment display and an electronic climate control panel, and both of these are helping move the car towards a more premium.

The increase in the length of the wheelbase by 90mm dramatically increases legroom for rear-seat passengers. It also improves the small boot of the previous car, with this model’s 231-liter capacity is 60-litres larger (and 50-liters greater than a Fiat 500). The seats are down, and the Aygo X comes with 829-liters.

Toyota Aygo X

Verdict of 2022 Toyota Aygo X

If the foundations of a city car are small dimensions, quick performance, and low price, the Aygo X is pretty borderline. Sure, its design and ride quality and levels are all admirable to a certain degree. However, the rest of the competitors are not flawless.

 However, major failures are that sluggish engine, the price increase, and the dreadful rear seating space. This could have been a lot better given Toyota’s resources and its long-standing history of small automobiles.

How safe is the 2022 Toyota Aygo X?

The Aygo X is truly impressive. Toyota took the initiative to introduce its Safety Sense package standard on every version across all markets. The same thing happened with the Yaris, awe-inspiring in the supermini category. However, it’s even more impressive in the urban car category.

How safe is the 2022 Toyota Aygo X?

Safety Sense Safety Sense package consists of the standard sensor and radar. The Aygo X features an advanced emergency brake system that is autonomous that can operate at more incredible speeds. It can also identify pedestrians during the night and daytime and cyclists in the day.

Additionally, you get the lane departure warning that comes with lane tracking assist. It also has a fatigue monitor and a road signal assist. It also has intelligent adaptive cruise control, an adjustable speed limiter for every model, and automatic headlights and high auto beams.

The two top trims have rear and front parking sensors with auto brakes to prevent collisions at low speeds. Euro NCAP is yet to test the Toyota Aygo X for crash safety.

 However, with this safety equipment included, including six airbags and Isofix points for the rear seats. It’s likely to be among the best in its class.

If you’re looking to buy an initial car for your children and you’re looking for a reliable car, the Aygo X offers real security.


Toyota calls it the first-ever true urban crossover that is a claim that could be controversial to many owners of diverse models that Fiat offers in its Panda Cross throughout Europe.

 It’s a rather old design, and this provides a bit more visual appeal than the only other alternative for a city car crossover segment Kia’s Picanto X-Line.

We can imagine the Aygo X being a huge success and putting a dent in other brands that have given up on this market.

 Some people who want a tiny car can afford an electric car of modest size, but If you fall into the category. This groovy small Toyota offers a great alternative. The city car market isn’t completely dead. The only thing it needed was a new strategy.

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